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The main result of Finance4SocialChange is to intensify the cooperation of project partners (policy makers, financial intermediaries, social enterprise catalysts, research institutes) with target groups (start-up and expansion of social enterprises) in the program area by:

a) Community strategy for investments with a social impact for the Danube region: creation of a "community of practitioners" committed to collaborating in shaping the regulatory framework

b) Academy of Design for Social Impact Investments: delivery of 130 hours (6 modules) of transnational learning combined with 400 social enterprises (SEs) that provide knowledge and access to social impact investors, financial intermediaries and philanthropists

c) Social impact investment competition: a fundraising program that creates direct business opportunities and access to capital for the 50 highest performing social enterprises to ensure investments in social impact totaling 150-200 000 EUR.

The project brings together a multidisciplinary partnership consisting of 14 project partners and 5 associate partners:

1. IFKA Public Benefit Non-Profit Ltd for the Development of the Industry, Hungary
2. ZSI Centre for Social Innovation, Austria
3. Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneursip, Germany
4. Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding, România
5. BSC, Business support centre L.t.d., Kranj, Slovenia
6. Steinbeis 2i GmbH
7. Sofia Development Association, Bulgaria
8. Union of Slovak Clusters, Slovacia
10. ASHOKA Austria / CEE, Austria
11. University of Heidelberg / Centre for Social Investment, Germany
12. CCIS Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Serbia
13. ODIMM Organization for Small and Medium Enterprise Sector Development, Moldova
14. Institute of Market Problems and Economic-Ecological Researches of NAS Ukraine, Ucraina
15. Central European Initiative Executive Secretariat, Italy 
16. UnLtd, The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs - GSEN Global Social Entrepreneurship Network, United Kingdom
17. EURADA European Association of Regional Development Agencies, Belgium
18. Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure – Moldova
19. NESsT Foundation Romania, Romania


We invite you to access the official page and follow us on social networks for additional information and news within the project:

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Aliona Cravețchi
Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development

Chișinău, Republica Moldova, MD-2012
bd. Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt 134, of. 336
tel: +373 22 22 45 16
email: aliona.cravetchi@odimm.md

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Finance4SocialChange – Leveraging Finance 4 Positive Social Change

Project implementation period: 01.07.2018 – 30.06.2021
ERDF contribution 1,490,432.50 EUR
IPA contribution 100,321.25 EUR
ENI MD contribution 62,262.50 EUR
ENI UA contribution 58,862.50 EUR

This project is co-financed by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI).

Priority Axis 1: Innovation and social responsibility in the Danube Region 
Specific objective: Improving the framework conditions for innovation

Finance4SocialChange aims to facilitate the training of policy makers, government agencies, social enterprises, financial intermediaries, social enterprise catalysts, academia and the public to provide innovative policy projects that will intensify the positive impact on society in the Danube region.

The impact of social investment has become increasingly relevant in the current economic context as social change has intensified, while public funds are under pressure in many countries. According to the annual EVPA survey (2016), only 2% of the global social impact investment targets Central Europe (host of the Danube region), compared to 78% in Western Europe. In addition to investment capital, investors with a social impact declare the lack of access to early capital, without demanding high incomes, as the most important challenge for the growth of the industry. Finance4SocialChange responds to a key gap in policy-making in the Danube region, namely the common understanding of social impact and the creation of more sustainable social enterprises, the establishment and expansion of social enterprises in the Danube region through improved regulatory frameworks.

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