Support in rural areas


Title of project

Support to SMEs in Rural Areas


Moldova’s rural SME sector

Implemented by:

Organization for Small and Medium Size Enterprise Sector Development (ODIMM)


36 month




Total Budget Euro 5 million

Grant from the European Union Euro 4 million


Short description (up to 7 sentences / bullet points):


-        The mission of this Action’s Beneficiary, the Moldovan Organization for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector Development – ODIMM is to contribute to the development of a competitive national economy through the development of the Moldovan SME sector. ODIMM’s vision is thus to become the main engine of local entrepreneurship development and, in this aspect, ODIMM de facto acts as the implementing agency of the Moldovan Ministry of Economy’s SME development policies.

-        The two National Business Support Programmes to be used by ODIMM to channel the Grant support to the Action’s beneficiaries will be the PARE 1+1 Programme (National Programme for the Attraction of Migrants’ Remittances in to the Real Economy of the Republic of Moldova) and the WiB (Women in Business) Programme

-        The support will include non-financial services such as consultancy, mentoring and trainings, as well as financial support to third parties.

The overall objective of this Project is to:

-        Contribute to the improvement of the quality of rural life for sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova.

Expected Result of this Project:

-        Employment opportunities, especially for women, are created through investment and non-financial support for rural SMEs leading to increased rural job creation.

The specific objective of this Project is to:

-        To reduce economic and social disparities in rural areas through the introduction of active employment initiatives through the development of rural small and medium sized enterprises.

 Results: (*narrative text up to 10 sentences)

 The main expected results are:

to support diversification and creation of rural businesses, specifically micro, small and medium size enterprises to assist agri-food SMEs in making investments that allow them to comply with EU food safety standards, increase employment generation, attraction of foreign investment, and decrease of migration flows from rural to urban areas or even abroad.

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