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Partenerii rețelei Enterprise Europe Network din Moldova:

Organizația pentru Dezvoltarea Sectorului Întreprinderilor Mici și Mijlocii
Camera de Comerț și Industrie a Republicii Moldova
Agenția Națională de Cercetare și Dezvoltare

Contact Person:

Oxana Paladiciuc
Senior expert
E-mail: een@odimm.md

Organization for the Development of the Small and Medium Enterprises Sector (ODIMM)
bd. Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt, 134, 3-th floor, Republica Moldova, Chișinău, MD - 2012
Tel.: +373 22 29 57 41, Fax: +373 22 29 57 97


The Enterprise Europe Network is an initiative of the European Commission. It is the world’s largest support network for enterprises, business support organizations and professional institutions, research institutes, universities, technology centres, Development Agencies in more than 60 countries worldwide, including the 28 Member States of the European Union, and third countries.

More than 600 Centres are hosting the Enterprise Europe Network, and offer specialized services for business development (information, feedback, cooperation and internationalization) and facilitating innovation (know-how transfer).

ODIMM mission as an Enterprise Europe Network Centres Mission is to help Companies from the Republic of Moldova to internationalize their business by providing information, consulting services, organizing of the thematic events, economic missions and business2business meetings, etc.

Types of services:

International partnerships

Expertise, contacts and events to connect you with the right international partners to grow your business.

Advice for international growth

Expert advice for growth and expansion into international markets.

Support for business innovation

Solution-driven services to help you turn your innovative ideas into international commercial successes.

For further information, you can access:

web site: een.ec.europa.eu

Technology Transfer Network of Moldova

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