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Programs and completed projects


  1. Active Learning - Program on Tourism Training and Experimental Education, Romania - Moldova Neighbourhood programme 2004 – 2006, European Union, 2008 - 2009
  2. Multi-year Project Supporting SME policy in the Republic of Moldova,  Kingdom of the Netherlands, 2010
  3. Upgrading and Modernizing the SME portal, UNDP Moldova, United Nations, 2010-2011
  4. EAST INVEST, EaP Partnership, European Union, 2010- 2013     
  5. Financial Facilities for SMEs: FIT4SMEs, Central Europe Initiative, Know-How Exchange Programme European Union, 2011
  6. Young Experiences a Smart Solution! - Y.E.S.S.! MIS-ETC 930, JOP Romania-Ukraine -Moldova 2007-2013, European Union, 2011- 2012
  7. Creation of National Business Excellence Center (NBEC), Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan, 2011- 2012
  8. Collaborate and develop skills to resolve economic challenges, Norway Embassy Small Grants, 2012
  9. Lead Your Way to Business MIS-ETC 1141, JOP Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013, European Union, 2012- 2014
  10. Black Sea Network for Regional Development - BlasNET, MIS-ETC 234, Joint Operational Programme “Black Sea Basin 2007-2013”, European Union, 2011- 2013
  11. Regional Business Incubator Network - Black Sea “BI-Net” MIS ETC 1477, Joint Operational Programme “BLACK SEA BASIN 2007-2013”, European Union, 2013- 2015      
  12. ENER2I (ENErgy Research to Innovation): Reinforcing cooperation with ENP countries on bridging the gap between energy research and energy innovation, Call ref: FP7-INCO-2013, FP7 Coordination and support action European Union, 2013- 2016
  13. Development of Outdoor Adventure Tourism Network in Black Sea Region” (DOOA) MIS –ETC 2339, JOP “Black Sea Basin 2007-2013”, European Union, 2014- 2015
  14. SME Development Moldova, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, 2014- 2015
  15. Access to Finance, Norway, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2014- 2015
  16. Entranse to New Markets 2011-2013, Entranse Expansion 2012-2017, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2015 - 2016
  17. An Expert as Functional Enhancement of National Business Excellence Center in the Republic of Moldova, Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), 2015 - 2016
  18. Business Academy for Women (BAW), Strengthening role of civil society in improving Moldova’s competitiveness aspects within a DCFTA context, EuropeAid/151638/DD/ACT/MD, European Union, 2017 - 2018
  19. A mission for growth to Czech Republic 2017, Aid for Trade, Czeck Embassy, 2017
  20. Cluster Model Development in Moldova, TAIEX – Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument,  European Union, 2017- 2018
  21. Set-up support services to increase export readiness of SMEs, TAIEX – Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument, European Union, 2017 - 2018
  22. JOBs for Youth - Joint Opportunities in Business for Youth, Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation, European Union, 2017- 2019
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