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ODIMM is a partner of a new information portal for Moldovan business environment

ODIMM is a partner of a new information portal for Moldovan business environment


 Entrepreneurs from the Republic of Moldova will have a new source of information through which they can find out about business strategies from a legal and digital points of view.

ODIMM is a partner of the new ghidulafacerii.ebrd.md portal, launched by the EBRD with the support of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s  Good Governance Fund (GGF). On this new platform local companies can find tips and tools that can help them improve their business and overcome tough economic times.

Iulia Costin, the General Manager of ODIMM, who was present at the official event of the portal launch, welcomed the emergence of the new platform, which will become an important source of information for improving the business knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs from the Republic of Moldova.

"Access to information and innovation is the engine of an economy, and a new portal, designed to inform the entrepreneurial environment, has the role of becoming a significant chain in this process."

In this context, Iulia Costin reminded that one of the basic priorities of ODIMM in developing SMEs from Moldova is to support sustainable entrepreneurship by encouraging the digitization of SMEs.
In 2020 ODIMM launched the Digitization Support Tool for SMEs in order to assist digital transformation, maximize the innovative potential of enterprises and facilitate companies' access to internal and external markets. Through this initiative, 280 companies were financially supported by Grants and Business Vouchers, and 700 entrepreneurs were trained in the field of business digitization.

In order to ensure continuity of the information technology implementation by the local business environment, ODIMM has developed the Program of  SME Digital Transformation,  which has been submitted for final approval and will be launched by the end of 2021.

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