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Mechanisms for revitalizing the post-Covid business environment

Mechanisms for revitalizing the post-Covid business environment


Development policies and support tools for revitalizing the business environment in the Republic of Moldova in the post-Covid recovery period have been tackled today, July 12, with a focus on business digitalization and the development of support infrastructure, within a webinar organized by The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Eurasia, in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure (MEI) and the Organization for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Sector (ODIMM).

During the virtual event the OECD representatives have briefly outlined the SME sector, support measures and development recommendations, and ODIMM have spoken about the initiatives and entrepreneurial support mechanisms aimed at assisting the digitalization and revitalization process of domestic companies.

 “ODIMM has quickly reacted to all the challenges generated by the pandemic crisis and managed to turn them into opportunities in order to ensure continuity to supporting and developing the business environment in the Republic of Moldova. In addition to all the support measures which have been launched and improved, in 2020 the "Support Tool for Digitalizing Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises" was launched, through which 566 companies benefited from training courses and 277 SMEs received non-reimbursable financial support ", said Iulia Costin, the General Director of ODIMM.

 According to ODIMM representatives, in order to ensure continuity to the use of modern digital technologies by the business environment, the Support Program for SME Digitalization is currently being completed, and will soon be proposed for approval to the Government. At the same time, during 2021, with the support of the Government and external development partners, ODIMM will launch new initiatives that will increase the competitiveness of SMEs, offering entrepreneurs, as well as those in difficulty, business development opportunities, thus encouraging technology transfer and growth throughout the whole value chain.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, Lilia Palii, stated that the digitalization of economic processes and the support of SME sector are of major importance for reviving and modernizing national economy. 

"The Republic of Moldova possesses the necessary technological background for continuing the digital transformation of the national economy. Certain priorities, set for the next period, are still up-to-date and encompass: facilitating remote interaction and promoting digital services for business environment; creating opportunities to use technology in order to achieve the goal of financial inclusion; stimulating the use of e-commerce by companies and consumers; simplifying customs procedures for online exports and stimulating postal and courier services; promoting and attracting regional and international e-commerce platforms. At the same time, the development of regions will continue by creating Multifunctional Industrial Platforms and supporting cluster initiatives”.


The webinar agenda included the presentation of good institutional digitalization practices of ODIMM and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Moldova. The representatives of public and business support institutions from Eastern Partnership countries, international institutions and experts participated in the event.

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