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ODIMM supports the Local Employment Partnerships from Căușeni and Cantemir

ODIMM supports the Local Employment Partnerships from Căușeni and Cantemir


The empowerment of women and the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people will be supported by the Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprise Sector (ODIMM) within the Local Employment Partnerships (LEP) in Căușeni and Cantemir districts. This initiative is launched by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and will be implemented during 2021-2022, in collaboration with ODIMM, together with other 15 public and private partners from the national and local levels, including civil society organizations, financial, educational and professional training institutions, employment services, producer associations, enterprises and investors.

Within the ILO-ODIMM partnership, 110 young people and women from 2 districts will get entrepreneurship education through the programmes “Start for Youth” and “Women in Business”, and 50 people will be able to benefit from non-reimbursable financing for launching and developing their own businesses. The first 49 young people and women participate in business training courses from June 1-17 and get basic knowledge in the entrepreneurial field.

The programmes “Start for Youth” and “Women in Business” presume the financing of investment projects with up to 80% - 90%, but applicants will have to contribute with 20% or 10% respectively, and this makes the programmes unappealing for people who do not have enough financial resources to start a business. This partnership involves a combination of co-financing and non-financial support offered as a part of national programmes, as well as access to specialised training services on the development of businesses managed by young women and men ", says Iulia Costin, the CEO of ODIMM.


 We remind you that in 2019-2020 ODIMM participated in the first Local Employment Partnership implemented in Cahul district. As a result of this partnership, 11 businesses initiated by young people and women from Cahul district were financially supported, and 25 young people were trained in entrepreneurship.


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