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ODIMM supports testing entrepreneurial skills through Business Incubators from Moldova

ODIMM supports testing entrepreneurial skills through Business Incubators from Moldova

 Entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs from Călărași and Soroca districts will have the  opportunity to test their innovative business ideas through the Business Accelerator and  Fab Lab. The two entrepreneurial support centers, opened within the Business Incubators from Călărași and Soroca, will support prospective entrepreneurs and start-ups in planning and implementing a business idea.

 Roman Curcă, the manager of  the Business Incubators’ Network from Moldova (RIAM),  who was present at the inauguration, highlighted the importance of  the host incubators, as well as the Accelerator (Călărași) and FabLab (Soroca)  in developing entrepreneurship in these regions. He also emphasised the support offered through the RIAM Support Instrument, financed by ODIMM, due to which it had been possible to equip these centers. At the same time, he pointed out the cooperation and support provided by local public authorities and development partners in implementing these initiatives.

However, these new support tools will stimulate creativity, skills development and entrepreneurship. Moreover, people from these regions, who possess entrepreneurial spirit, will be able to experience how an idea can become a successful business, following the expertise of  incubator residents.

In the future, such initiatives will be implemented in other Business Incubators, members of  RIAM.

 Currently, about 253 resident companies, of which 145 start-ups, 132 enterprises managed by young people and 122 companies run by women, operate in those eleven Business Incubators, members of RIAM. Overall, there have been created 886 jobs, of which 450 for women and 312 for young people.

The Network of Business Incubators from Moldova was created in 2013 by ODIMM with the support of the European Union. The members of RIAM are the Business Incubators from Ștefan-Vodă, Dubăsari, Leova, Ceadâr-Lunga, Rezina, Nisporeni, Sângerei, Soroca, Cimișlia, Cahul and Călărași.

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