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Cooperation Memorandum between ODIMM and GIZ

Cooperation Memorandum between ODIMM and GIZ

The Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (ODIMM) and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) aim at developing a partnership to support and promote local entrepreneurs by creating and promoting connections between industrial SMEs and integrating them into international investment and distribution chains through the Project "Advising the Government of the Republic of Moldova on Economic Policies” (MEPA).

The priority areas of interaction between the two entities have been stipulated in the Cooperation Memorandum, signed on Wednesday, February 26, by the General Director of ODIMM, Iulia Costin and the Project Manager "Advising the Government of the Republic of Moldova on economic policies", Thomas Förch.

 "The signing of this Memorandum is a good start for establishing partnerships between Moldovan business support institutions and international organizations in order to replace imports and increase the industrial capacity of SMEs to act as valuable international suppliers," said Iulia Costin.

GIZ representative, Thomas Förch emphasized his support in the process of implementing domestic economic reforms. At the same time, he expressed his assistance in increasing competitiveness and promoting sustainability in the economic environment of the Republic of Moldova, both nationally and internationally.

Among the Memorandum’s objectives are implementing a national program to facilitate connections between SMEs and the international companies acting in the Republic of Moldova, promoting a competitive environment for sustainable development and attracting Direct Foreign Investments (DFI) in the local economy.

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