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Launch of Conference of the National Greening Program

Launch of Conference of the National Greening Program

The registration form linked bellow

Did you know that 64% of industrial pollution on earth is generated by small and medium sized enterprises?

But what impact has your business on the environment?

One thing is for sure - if you want a successful business and a clean environment for you and your family, you need to become competitive and efficient and we can help you with that.

Thus, all entrepreneurs interested in new environmental solutions for their business, are invited by ODIMM on 3rd of June, 10.00 a.m., to attend the launch Conference of the National Greening Program.

What are the objectives of the Conference?

-          Informing the entrepreneurs about the opportunities to access the support offered through the SMEs Greening Program;

-          Presenting the results obtained during the collaboration process with international partners, in order to develop the launch and implementation tools of the Program;

-          Outlining the vision for developing the institutional support capacities during the greening process of SMEs.

Who will participate?

The launch Conference of the National Greening Program will bring together entrepreneurs, representatives of the local and central public authorities, academia, business support and environmental protection organizations/institutions, as well as representatives of the international development partner organizations.

Where will take place the Conference?

The Conference will take place on-line, through a software platform that organizes video events ”ZOOM”.

How to attend the Conference?

To be able to attend the Conference, you need to access the link that we will send on your e-mail address, as a result of completing the registration form linked bellow:


Registration deadline: 2nd of June, 2020, 12.00 a.m.

The event will be available in 3 communication languages: Romanian, Russian and English.

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