The novelty of the Program !!!

The applicant is entitled to the following grants:

a) 100% of the cost for the registration fee for the exhibition / fair, but not more than 1,000 lei;

b) 50% of the cost for renting the contracted exhibition space, but not more than 4,000 lei;

only after the submission of subsidy application.

The maximum amount transferred to a beneficiary will not exceed 5,000 lei.

Hurry up to apply!


Address:134, Bd. Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfânt bd., 3rd  floor.

Phone:  022 21 05 53



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The purpose of the Program for subsidizing the participation of economic agents in fairs and exhibitions - is to support and promote the small and medium enterprises sector, by partially reimbursing the eligible expenses for participation of economic agents in exhibitions / fairs at national and regional level.

The Program can be attended by any economic agent that is classified as a micro, small or medium enterprise in accordance with art. 5 of Law no. 179 of 21 July 2016 on small and medium-sized enterprises:

a) Is established and registered on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, in accordance with the legislation in force;

b) Does not have debts to the national public budget, at the date of submission of the subsidy application;

c) Is not in insolvency proceedings;

And confirms by supporting documents the payment of the registration fee for the exhibition and the rental fee for the exhibition space in proportion of 100%;


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