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Water Efficiency


Water efficiency can be achieved by recirculating, reusing, reducing water consumption, improving or changing equipment and the attitude of water users. In all cases, two basic activities are required: measuring and monitoring water quality.

Measuring the amount of water is needed to calculate the amount of water used in a given process, compared to actual consumption and evaluating options to reduce its consumption and to program how to use water more efficiently by hours, days, months, season. as well as in processes, equipment, irrigation areas, etc., including to motivate workers to participate in saving it.

Recycling of the water is the water which it was originally used. To choose the right method of water treatment you will first need to know what it is the level of degradation of the water you want to use. As a result of some processes, the water can be treated and reused for washing floors, dumpsters, cooling systems, sanitary services, agricultural irrigation, etc.

If water recycling is administered properly, then this method is an effective alternative to cover water demand. The use of wastewater can be obtained from several resources, meaning a financial and energy benefit.


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