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Waste Recycling

reciclarea deseurilor

Efficient waste management consists of minimizing waste production, recovery, recycling, and reuse it, including biodegradable waste, and promoting modern technologies in the field. Waste is traditionally seen as a source of pollution, but well-managed waste can generate additional benefits such as reduced demand for natural resources, saving energy and financial resources.

Transforming waste (raw material) into reusable resources is the main objective of the circular and green economy which involves the process of more efficient management of raw materials, innovation of the product design and manufacturing it in order to reduce the amount of packaging, as well training staff in terms of waste management.

The measurement and monitoring of the generated waste allows the identification of the quantity produced weekly or monthly on each type of waste. Waste management can contribute to the implementation of a selection system to recycle and prevent the generation of unnecessary waste and reduce collection costs.

The packaging that is delivered accounts for a large percentage of the total waste accumulated by the company, so it is important to find a way to reduce the amount of packaging on delivery and ensure that all are recyclable. The more we can reduce packaging from suppliers, the greater the savings in proper waste management.

Any waste can be recycled or turned into fertilizer - it's just a matter of responsability and proper waste management.


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