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Improving the company's management systems significantly contributes to reducing environmental pollution, waste generation, saving energy and financial resources. In order to successfully manage the existing business, resources and costs, which together represent the process of "Greening the business", it is necessary to implement a management system.

The elaboration of an Action Plan regarding the environmental management within the company by establishing the necessary actions to be implemented with deadlines, the appointment of a responsible person and the training of the staff in the application of resource efficiency actions, is a profitable process from an economic point of view financial and material for the company, creating optimal values of resource efficiency for business and generating financial savings.

Implementing eco-innovative strategies and ideas to improve the products and services provided, is a solution to introduce new or significantly improved products and environmentally friendly technologies in production processes, which reduce the use of natural resources, including materials, energy, water, and decrease the release of harmful substances throughout the life cycle.

When making purchases such as goods, services, works and utilities in business, it is necessary to consider the impact on the environment. It is important to procure goods and services with a low negative impact on the environment, so the business can make a significant contribution to local, regional, national and international sustainability objectives.

The application of standards in business entails the realization of greening actions, economically justified and are strategic tools that reduce costs by reducing errors, risks, losses and increasing productivity. By implementing the standards, can be created and offered certified and quality products, which allows access to new markets and participation in free and fair trade.


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