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Energy Efficiency

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Through simple actions such as turning off the lights when leaving a room, installing double glazed windows and insulating buildings to stop heat loss, we can contribute to saving the environment, by saving energy and money.

By Identifying the main energy users it is a must to meter and record them, thus we can have a better understanding on how the energy is consumed in the company, this being an important first step in planning to reduce energy consumption for your business. Once the main users are identified, measures can be taken to better control them or disconnect when not needed.

If the energy costs used in the production processes are very high then you can choose the energy supplier that is more cost effective for your company. Based on these estimates, you can consider switching to less expensive energy when possible, e.g. the use of gas to heat water and space or the use of renewable resources (solar panels, wind systems, biomass, etc.), thus reducing the carbon footprint in the business.

The application in the company of a program for checking the equipment, can ensure their more efficient operation in terms of energy consumption, limiting heat loss, efficient gas combustion, etc.

By training staff to disconnect energy from equipment, when not in use, a significant reduction in excessive energy consumption within the company can be achieved, saving on the budget.


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