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ODIMM is a public institution that started its activity 12 years ago with a great deal of determination to support entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova.

 It has also taken a long-term commitment to being constant, persevering, getting the guarantee and power to show another face of small and medium business, because entrepreneurship and success do not have a specific country of origin, gender or age.

 ODIMM has become a serious and trustworthy supporter of those eager to start a business by accessing programs designed for them, offers them the opportunity to develop their business to make it prosperous and functional both,in the country and abroad.  At the same time, through various credible ways, it also supports existing companies. If you want to succeed in entrepreneurship, learn from us how to avoid certain pitfalls and save time to make money. Do not miss the opportunity to get information from the web page ODIMM.md that is needed to understand the business environment you can keep up with the most important news events,inspiring interviews with famous people or those at the beginning of the road. We will guide you in an easy and safe way to find many original ideas and career counseling. You could know the profile and personality of a successful entrepreneur so that in time, you can become one of them.


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