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 ODIMM - 14 years in the development of the SME sector


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14 years ago the Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Sector (ODIMM), created by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, was an ambitious initiative, a concept and a plan on how we should help the SME sector become competitive, courageous and dynamic. However, everything started from ideas and dreams, and from 5-6 enthusiastic and brave people, who formed a team and inspired others.

Today ODIMM has become the most important business support organization in Moldova, which inspires, supports and develops ideas. We are proud of ODIMM’s and SME sector’s achievements in the Republic of Moldova, which are a success story in the Eastern Partnership countries, as well as on the international market. As a proof is the fact that, currently, more countries from the region require our experience in implementing our business support programmes, such as “PARE 1 + 1”, “Women in Business”, “Financial Guarantees for SMEs”, the activity of Business Incubators, etc.

Since 2007 we have started to develop business environment by offering free training opportunities and launching the first Grant Programme, dedicated to Moldovan migrants, thus encouraging them to return home and set up a business.

 Today we are closer, than ever, to entrepreneurs, offering access to information, quality entrepreneurship education, a wide range of financing tools, business support infrastructure in the country’s regions and countless opportunities to connect with the local and international community.

Nowadays, the Organization manages 12 Business Support Programmes, most of which provide inclusively training, funding and mentoring. ODIMM is present in all regions of Moldova, from North to South, providing SMEs with 11 Business Incubators to support start-ups; 3 Clusters to reinforce the relationships among regional actors; a network of Consulting Centers, in addition to district councils; Multifunctional Industrial Platforms to support local producers are being established too.

 During its 14 years of activity, ODIMM has become a reliable partner for the private sector. Over 150,000 people benefited from ODIMM services, of which: at least 110,000 citizens received business consulting, 38,000 companies were trained, 4,500 companies received financing in the total amount of over 665 million lei, which, afterwards, invested in the national economy about 2 billion lei and created approximately 11,000 jobs. Our programmes and tools are becoming more comprehensive, encompassing a diverse spectrum of beneficiaries and we are going to expand them in order to meet as many needs as possible.

In the context of a hasty century, ODIMM is growing and expanding day by day.

The COVID-19 crisis has not restricted our activity or the activity of businesses in Moldova. Moreover, it impelled us to be more flexible, receptive and digitalized, as well as more anchored to the economic reality and more connected with external development partners. We have turned challenges into opportunities to encourage SMEs to do the same. In 2020 there were launched new programmes to support business digitization, empower entrepreneurs through quality online education, encourage the exports of domestic producers and adopt ecological processes in business.

Entrepreneurial excellence is what we are striving for. We intend to do more for Moldovan entrepreneurs. We wish to smartly develop rural areas by making the most of industries with growth potential and creating new jobs. We want a business environment that has and knows how to use digital devices, which are so vital in the age of technology and virtual communication. We would like to orient SMEs towards sustainable solutions through greening, as well as enhancing their social responsibility, thus encouraging the employment of people from socially vulnerable groups. We will strive to motivate companies to apply innovation and new technologies, to be more creative and more connected to information and opportunities.

In 2021 we expect to launch other 7 Business Support Programmes, with the assistance of the Government and external development partners. They will increase the competitiveness of SMEs, offer entrepreneurs in danger of bankruptcy opportunities to relaunch their businesses (the second chance), strengthen rural tourism, boost technology transfer between universities and the private sector, etc. We also expect to establish more clusters in regions, multifunctional industrial platforms, innovation and business growth centers, thus contributing to the development of regions and economy recovering.

We would like to express our gratitude to our partners with whom we have contributed to developing entrepreneurial culture in the Republic of Moldova. The evolution of  SME sector and the national economy is the common result of entrepreneurs, business support organizations, local public authorities, donors, ODIMM team and, last but not least, the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.

Moldova is a small country, but with rich resources and a high human potential. These assets, once capitalized, will lay the foundation for a prosperous and sustainable economy. I invite all of you to continue to work hard together for turning our entrepreneurs' dreams into success stories.


Yours faithfully,



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