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Government Decision no. 439 of July 1, 2020 on the approval of the Programme for supporting businesses with high potential for growth and internationalization.

The programme aims at contributing to sustainable economic development by attracting investments, increasing competitiveness and productivity of SMEs in the Republic of Moldova, as well as their internationalization.

Who can participate in the Programme?

1) Enterprises defined by Law 179/2016 as small and medium enterprises.

2) SMEs that have been operating on the market for at least 2 years, demonstrate a continuous growth and intend to expand into new markets and/or substitute the imports of goods/services in the Republic of Moldova.

3) Enterprises, which do not have arrears to the national budget.

4) SMEs with high growth potential from sectors with significant impact on the economic development of the Republic of Moldova, which attract investments for increasing their competitiveness to enter international markets.

5) SMEs that introduce innovative elements in the manufacturing process, diversify products/ services, especially if they replace imports or have export potential.

6) Financial support will be provided to SMEs from all over the Republic of Moldova according to the following ratio: 30% of the total budget value is provided for Chișinau municipality (20%) and Balți municipality (10%), and 70% - for other locations.

 What does this Programme offer?

1) Information and advisory support (information campaigns, involvement of support institutions in the development of entrepreneurial skills, information and methodological tools for beneficiaries - guides, brochures, website, etc.)

2) Financial assistance and support services:

a) through the “Business Voucher” scheme: fully financed from the Programme, it will account for 50,000 lei. If the activity proposed by the company requires additional funding, the beneficiaries can obtain an additional Business Voucher, amounting to maximum 50,000 lei, of which the personal contribution will constitute 40%.

b) through the “Grant” scheme: the minimum total value of the investment project is 500,000 lei, and the maximum value of the non-reimbursable grant is 2,000,000 lei. The "Grant" scheme will operate under the ratio: 50% own investments and 50% non-reimbursable grant.

3) Monitoring and evaluating (the monitoring period of the Programme’s beneficiaries will be for 36 months from the date of transferring the last installment of non-reimbursable financial resources).

What are the services eligible for the Business Voucher Component?

1) developing corporate or product image (brand book design, packaging, labels, website, video, advice on intellectual property protection);

2) developing and integrating financial, management or production computerized information systems (TC, CRM, ERP, CAD);

3) implementing international quality management standards (ISO, HACCP, ECO Label);

4) employee training and internal organizational development;

5) reorganizing production processes and labelling finished goods;

6) designing the strategic plan, setting objectives and actions for company expansion;

7) establishing the logistic process and preparing export documents.

What are the investments eligible for the Grant Component designed for?

1) acquiring tangible assets (equipment, machinery, tools, installations) and intangible assets (protection and acquisition of intellectual property, procurement of franchises, licenses, software);

2) investments related to purchasing raw materials and other resources necessary for the production process constitute maximum 10% of the non-reimbursable financing amount, and the purchase of spaces for performing the activity for which the financing has been requested constitutes not more than 20% of the non-reimbursable financing offered.

What does the Programme not finance?

1) Loans and provisions for losses and debts;

2) Interests due;

3) Salaries;

4) Fines, financial penalties and court costs;

5) Costs of goods and services covered by other assistance programmes / projects;

6) Foreign exchange losses;

7) Costs incurred before submitting the financing form;

8) Depreciation expenses;

9) Purchase of second hand equipment;

10) Financing leasing costs;

11) VAT;

12) Transportation services;

13) Cash payments;

14) The cost of renting land or buildings;

15) Consumables and other administrative expenses.

Under this Programme, all areas of activity vital for the national economy are accepted for funding, but for:

1) fiduciary and insurance activities;

2) activities of investment funds;

3) banking activities, non-banking lending activities;

4) foreign exchange and pawnshop activities;

5) real estate activities;

6) education activities;

7) retail and wholesale trade;

8) alcohol import, production and selling;

9) tobacco products import, production and selling;

10) production and distribution of gas, electricity;

11) military services and technical assistance, production of military products;

12) social and health services;

13) water distribution, waste collection and decontamination services;

14) gambling and related services.

Programme impact:

1) Companies will become more competitive on the local and foreign markets;

2) Enterprises will increase their turnover and become more profitable;

3) Businesses will apply industrial automation technology by purchasing production/packaging machinery/equipment;

4) Companies will implement Moldovan standards, which comply with the European standards for management systems;

5) Businesses will maintain their employees and contribute to increasing the average salary;

6) Enterprises will apply innovative elements (in products, technical processes and organizational field) and sustainable development elements;

7) Businesses will increase the export of their own products and will expand on other markets;

8) Enterprises will benefit from informational and advisory support;

9) Companies will benefit from financial support in the form of Business Voucher (up to 100,000 lei) and in the form of non-reimbursable grant of up to 2 million lei.

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