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More than 700 women from rural areas and vulnerable groups will benefit from support to develop a business or to integrate professionally


Women entrepreneurs from rural areas, especially from disadvantaged groups, including the eastern region of the Republic of Moldova and ATU Gagauzia, will be supported to set up or develop a business in the context of a new economic reality, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. This support will be achieved through a new project  "Women Entrepreneurship for Women Empowerment" (WE4WE - "Women Entrepreneurs for Women Empowerment"), launched today by the Organization for the Development of the Small and Medium Enterprise Sector (ODIMM) and the National Platform of Women from Moldova (NPWM), in partnership with UN Women (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women Empowerment), with the financial support of Sweden.

The project aims at creating a sustainable national network of 50 women ambassadors from all regions of Moldova in order to promote and implement the principles of empowerment; evaluating specific profiles of women from different regions; supporting at least 700 women to improve their skills and abilities in developing and expanding a business and / or to look for a job, retrain or advance in their career; mentoring activities for at least 100 women, future entrepreneurs and already active businesswomen, especially from rural areas, to launch or develop their own business and developing a web platform for entrepreneurs in order to establish connections within business community , identifying regional partners and creating new partnerships.

During the launch event of the Project, the Minister of Economy, Sergiu Gaibu has highlighted the importance of supporting female entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova, especially women from rural areas, including those from vulnerable families.

"Women's participation in business is very important for a sustainable economy and we should  increase their number. We are grateful to Sweden for its support, a country that helps and promotes women in business. It is worth mentioning that raising children is also women’s priority in our country. They bring up children to developing their career. For this reason, we have launched discussions with some international partners in order to simplify the regulatory framework for opening kindergartens, especially in rural areas, and even to turn them into business opportunities”.

Her Excellency, Katarina Fried, Ambassador of Sweden in the Republic of Moldova, stated: “We are very pleased that thanks to the new partnership with UN Women and ODIMM we will be able to offer more support for the economic empowerment of women, especially for those in underrepresented groups. Through joint efforts, we can continue to assist women's economic growth by providing specific support tools that would stimulate female employment and entrepreneurship, strengthen women's skills and knowledge, improve women's access to finance, and ensure their connection with other entrepreneurs, institutions and relevant organizations”.

Dominika Stojanoska, UN Women Moldova country representative said: “So far we have not achieved gender equality in terms of women's economic empowerment and their presence on the labor market. We see many challenges related to women's access to paid jobs, on the one hand, and unpaid household chores, on the other hand. Although the situation has improved in recent years, most women are involved in small businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these inequalities. We believe that this project represents an enormous potential to bring about change in this regard, because ODIMM has a vast network that would help women to access information and connect with other women who have had such experience.”

Iulia Costin, the General Director of ODIMM, highlighted the fact that by supporting entrepreneurship among women, the goal is to increase the economic well-being as of the country so of each family.

“Over time, changing the perception of female entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova has become a key priority for ODIMM. There have been implemented many initiatives and projects dedicated to women entrepreneurs, which have significantly contributed to improving their skills and encouraging them to follow the path of entrepreneurship. However, women and girls remain the most vulnerable, especially in the context of COVID-19, as they are employed in the sectors most affected by the crisis, with considerable financial losses. All these changes have stressed the vulnerable position of women entrepreneurs in society and have made us - a key business support organization, take actions, i.e. support women. The WE4WE project will encourage  women to take a step forward and act, regardless of obstacles and place of residence”.

Representatives of the business environment also spoke at the event, welcoming the launch of a new support initiative for women.

We remind you that the development of female potential in business has been and is a priority for ODIMM activity. Nowadays, ODIMM is implementing 12 National Support Programmes, including the Programme “Women in Business”, which aims to improve skills and provide financial support to women, who intend to start or expand their business, especially in rural areas.

At the same time, ODIMM implements a project under the same name within the Danube Transnational Programme, together with 8 other Danube countries, an action co-financed from the European Union funds. Through the project "Women in Business", Moldova has become a success story in the Danube region, contributing to the improvement of women entrepreneurship support policies through innovative training programmes and providing access to business consulting centers.

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The European Union has offered financial support to 568 companies for developing their businesses in the rural areas of the Republic of Moldova


Today, November 18, 2021, there have been presented the outcomes of the project funded by the European Union "Support for SMEs in rural areas". The financial support accounting for 4 million euros, provided by the European Union has been directed, through the Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprise Sector (ODIMM), towards implementing the national programmes „PARE 1+1”"Women in Business" and "Support Tool for SME Digitization". During three years and a half of Project implementation, 568 companies have received financial assistance of about 91 million lei, which generated over 163 million lei of investments in the national economy.

During the online event, dedicated to the outcomes obtained during the 3 years and a half of activity, there have been highlighted the objectives, agreed at the beginning of the project, which, afterwards, turned into tangible achievements for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova. At the same time, there have been specified companies, which benefited from the European support for starting or developing a business in rural area, whose products or services became national brands, successful on other foreign markets too.

Through the projects implemented by ODIMM, with the financial support provided by the European Union, they have contributed significantly to growing small businesses, creating jobs, especially in rural areas, and developing business support infrastructure in the regions.

“Supporting the modernization of the rural environment, especially by providing the necessary assistance for developing local businesses, so that they become sustainable, is one of the priorities of our cooperation with the Republic of Moldova. The financial support offered by the European Union for the development of small and medium enterprises in the regions of the Republic of Moldova will certainly generate new jobs in the rural areas, contribute to increasing the welfare of people, as well as to increasing the budget of local public authorities, through taxes nd duties paid by these companies. We trust these benefits will be reinvested in developing local community, so that, with joint efforts, we can offer people a better life at home. The European Union will continue to provide assistnce to the Republic of Moldova through the EU Economic Recovery Plan for the Republic of Moldova, which aims to stimulate long-term socio-economic recovery, encourage green and digital transition, and capitalize on the country's economic potential. All these being a benefit for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, because together we are stronger!”, said Magdalena MUELLER-URI, Head of the Cooperation Section, Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Moldova.


The Minister of Economy, Sergiu Gaibu, thanked the European Union for the support provided to the business community of the Republic of Moldova on the way towards modernization, digitalization and internationalization.

"We have too many businesses in Chisinau and too few in rural areas. We should develop rural areas in order to create conditions for setting up businesses in these regions too. We are grateful to the European Union for the assistance provided within this programme and for the flexibility offered, which has allowed us to make changes in crisis situations, such as this pandemic period. We, the Ministry of Economy, will continue to support rural areas and will come up with new projects. Together with ODIMM, we will identify the disadvantaged areas, but with economic potential, in order to support them in developing businesses”.


„Among the main outcomes we are proud of are the direct assistance for implementing the Programmes “PARE 1 + 1”, “Women in Business” and “ Support Tool for SME Digitization”. The impact of technical and financial assistance programmes and international projects funded by the European Union has played a significant role in increasing the competitiveness of SME sector and the capacity of ODIMM to provide quality services to domestic entrepreneurs. Today, many ODIMM initiatives are considered successful models in the Eastern European region and are multiplied in these countries to help reduce migration, increase investments in economy and boost the well-being of people," said Iulia Costin, the General Director of ODIMM.

 Among the entrepreneurs who have benefited from the European financial assistance is Victor Zaharciuc from Mărculești village, Floresti district, who, being inspired by a healthy lifestyle, started a business of growing blackberry. Duet to his parents, who are working abroad, the young man has accessed the European funding through the Programme „PARE 1+1”. The grant allowed him to purchase a machine for fixing pillars for blackberry cuttings, plants, and a truck for transporting blackberries. His business is doing well now and he has even managed to establish business partnerships with Romanian companies.

"The European grant has helped me accomplish my business idea, for which I did not have enough financial resources. Without this support it would have been more difficult for me to set up a business. Moreover, the training courses orgnized within the Programme have offered me the chance to build connections with other producers from the country, with whom I established further collaborations", said Victor Zaharciuc.

The entrepreneur Victoria Mușinschi from Molovata Nouă, Dubăsari is the founder of a boarding house, symbolically called “Vila Dorului”. The foundation of the business has been laid thanks to the European support, obtained through the Programmes “PARE 1+1”"Women in Business" and "Support Tool for SME digitization".

"We, women are endowed with enormous potential, but we do not always have the courage and ambition to capitalize on. ODIMM programmes have made me believe that it is possible to develop a business in the Republic of Moldova too, and European grants have been like a cornerstone for my business”.


About the EU Project "Support for SMEs in rural areas"

In 2018, the European Union offered direct assistance to ODIMM, amounting to 4 million euros, for implementing the National Programmes: “PARE 1+1”“Women in Business” and “Support tool for SME digitalization”. The main goal of the Project "Support for SMEs in rural areas" is to contribute to improving the quality of rural life for sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova, lasting 3 years and a half (June 1, 2018 - November 30, 2021).

The expected outcome of this European initiative is to provide economic empowerment opportunities, especially for women and migrants, in order to start and develop companies in rural areas, thus creating new jobs and developing infrastructure in in these regions.

The main objective of this Project is to reduce economic and social disparities by introducing active employment initiatives, developing small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas, attracting foreign investments and reducing the flow of migration from rural to urban areas, or even abroad.


The European Union supports rural businesses’ digitization


18 national companies from rural areas, selected within the last Project Competition of the Support Tool on SMEs’ digitization, have signed non-reimbursable financing contracts online. Through an online session, organized today, November 5, by ODIMM, the entrepreneurs were informed about the contractual provisions and necessary steps for adequate and fair application of the Grant in the amount of up to 200 thousand lei each.

During the event, the Minister of Economy, Sergiu Gaibu, welcomed the opening of entrepreneurs for the implementation of new information technologies in business digitization process and thanked the European Union for its support. At the same time, he assured that the initiative will have continuity. The new Program regarding the Digital Transformation of SMEs is to be approved soon by the Government, in order to offer business digitalization opportunities to as many companies as possible.

“The development of ecosystem for digital innovation and company support is a part of the ministry's list of priorities in the field of SMEs in order to increase competitiveness and encourage innovation spirit. The business environment will have several perspectives since digitizing production processes, such as the flow of information and knowledge, the process of creating products, facilitating the connection with potential customers and access to new markets,"  said the Minister of Economy, Mr. Gaibu.

The European Union supports the modernization and digitalization of business in the Republic of Moldova, especially in rural areas.

“Small and medium enterprises are the heart of an economy: the higher the level of development and prosperity of SMEs, the stronger the country's economy. Digitization of business in rural areas is an essential necessity in this pandemic period, when SMEs face many problems that can seriously affect their activity. The European Union supports the technological transfer and digital development of small and medium enterprises in the Republic of Moldova, because together we are stronger! ”, said Boris Filipov, Project Manager, within the European Union Delegation in the Republic of Moldova.

Therefore, the digitization of the SMEs’ economic processes will enhance innovative potential, including the facilitation of their access to internal and external markets.

“Companies that use information technologies in their production processes, development and other activities have control over the market. The digitization process can bring for entrepreneurs new challenges. However, they will bring great long-term benefits by developing new products and services, new technologies and process chains, new business models and higher production efficiency”, stated Iulia Costin, the General Director of ODIMM.

Among the entrepreneurs who will receive financial support is Nina Cazacu from Prăjila village, Floresti district. After many years working abroad, she returned home and opened a business in the field of agriculture, namely, growing vegetables. With the help of the European grant, she is going to install a land monitoring system (GPS) that will allow her to enter and collect data on the quantity of crops, harvest, soil condition and crop rotation.

"Thanks to the Support Tool for digitizing SMEs, we will be able to install this software, which we have already identified. This will allow us to monitor the performance of the land, and at the same time, that of the company. Moreover, the system will provide us with the weather forecast for the region we are, and, thus, we will know exactly how to schedule the agricultural works ”.

The entrepreneur Doina Sîrghi from Grădiște village, Cimișlia district cultivates wheat, barley and corn. She has recently begun growing sorghum, which has a high nutritional value, providing 43% of the daily dose of protein and is rich in minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and manganese. The most important thing is that this culture does not contain gluten, being recommended to people who are intolerant to gluten.

"With this grant we want to purchase two navigators for our tractors that will give us maximum precision in all mechanized work in the field, from sowing to spraying, fertilizing and harvesting. Another digital investment we desire is a drone, which will help us considerably in monitoring the lands that require physical guard and detecting the fields with weeds or various diseases, plant insects, etc. ”.


About the Support Tool for SME Digitization 

The Support Tool for SME Digitization was launched in June 2020. For 1 year and five months, through this support mechanism, over 800 entrepreneurs assessed their level of business digitization and more than 600 participated in training sessions, of which 293 companies were financially supported through Grants and Business Vouchers. 

To ensure continuous access to financial and educational resources needed for the implementation of digital technologies, the Ministry of Economy in collaboration with ODIMM have developed the SME Digital Transformation Program, to be approved by the Government by the end of 2021.

The support tool for SME digitization is financed from the state budget, supplemented by the European Union funds and GIZ Moldova, with the financial aid of the German Government, and implemented by ODIMM in partnership with GoOnline of COR Association, Startup Moldova Program, developed by TEKWILL project, supported by USAID, Sweden and UK.


For more information, please access: https://www.odimm.md/ro/digitalizarea

Contact details: Consulting center: +373 22 221 055; mob.060730202

E-mail: digitalizare@odimm.md

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They have joined forces for the future of women


Women with low incomes from rural areas, who are willing to set up their own businesses, will be able to benefit from non-reimbursable financial support of up to 165 thousand lei, offered by ODIMM and the company EFES VITANTA MOLDOVA BREWERY.

A collaboration agreement in this regard has been signed by the Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprise Sector (ODIMM) and ME ”EFES VITANTA MOLDOVA BREWERY Joint Stock Company. The two entities have taken on the responsibility of supporting female entrepreneurship, especially women in poor financial situations, who intend to open or develop their own businesses. Thus, ODIMM, through the Programme "Women in Business", will select, on a competition basis, companies managed by women, financing 90 % of the investment project value, and EFES Moldova will cover the owner’s contribution of 10 %.

The General Director of ODIMM, Iulia Costin, declared, during the signing event of the Collaboration Agreement, that this partnership is a significant one both for ODIMM and for all women from the Republic of Moldova. "We will combine our efforts to help women, especially those from rural areas, involve actively in socio-economic life. World expertise has shown over time that women in the regions have brilliant ideas and possess business development skills, what they need is just more motivation and support. ”

Ludmila Andronic, the Corporate Affairs Director of EFES Moldova, has stated that through this partnership Moldovan women will benefit from support to achieve their dreams."We come to empower women, covering their own contribution of the investment project, along with the grant offered by ODIMM. Thus, we complement a part of our corporate sustainability and social responsibility project. We hope that together with ODIMM we will be able to offer one hundred percent grants for as many women as possible, so that they can launch the businesses they dream of. ”

At the same time, ODIMM and EFES agreed to organize and participate in various mutual activities of promoting the interests of SMEs, including promotion through virtual platforms.

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Medicinal and aromatic plants industry supported by a cross-border project


The Republic of Moldova, together with Greece, Armenia and Georgia, aims at modernizing companies which deal with cultivating and promoting plants and plant products, in order to help increase cross-border business opportunities for the enterprises from the Black Sea Basin countries. The 4 countries are partners within the European project "HEGO - Plants for Economic Growth", implemented under the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014 - 2020. The Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprise Sector (ODIMM), as an implementing partner of the project in the Republic of Moldova, has organized the first national event of disseminating this cross-border initiative, which was attended by representatives of public authorities, research institutions, universities / training centers, entrepreneurs and project partners.

At the beginning of the event, Iulia Costin, the General Manager of ODIMM, highlighted that the Republic of Moldova has a number of advantages for developing this industry. “The local products from the Republic of Moldova, obtained from herbaceous plants and the plant products with a commercial value-added, are highly appreciated both on the local and international markets, being used in such industries as: food, cosmetics and home care, decoration & design, and pharmaceuticals. Through this project we aim to strengthen this field of activity in order to capitalize on the unexplored potential. At the same time, we intend to come up with dedicated and sustainable initiatives, including the creation of a cross-border cluster ”.

The project manager, Tassos Livadiotis, Development Association, Halkidiki (Greece), stressed that nowadays, there is an increasing demand for the traditional and innovative use of value-added plants, which reveals new business opportunities in this field. “According to recent statistics on international trade (UN, UNCOMTRADE), the global export demand and prices for the value-added plant products will continue to grow until 2025, and the plant products with improved quality and increased nutraceutical value will become more appealing to customers. Through HEGO project, we intend to bring together the significant players of the herbal product sector value chain and producers, academia, local authorities, etc., in order to help increase the cross-border business opportunities for the companies from the Black Sea basin countries”.

During the virtual event, there have been revealed the development opportunities for growing, producing, promoting and selling medicinal and aromatic plants. At the same time, there have been described some success stories of Moldovan entrepreneurs, specifying the contribution of the key actors in the development of this field, as well as activities planned within the project.

This is the first event to promote the project "HEGO - Plants for Economic Growth". Similar activities will be organized by the other partner countries:

a) Armenia - January 2022,

b) Georgia - May 2022 and

c) Greece - October 2022.

It is worth mentioning, that the Republic of Moldova is an important area for growing etheric crops, due to its favorable climatic and environmental conditions, as well as rich flora. According to the data from the “National Report on Biological Diversity. Republic of Moldova ”in 2019, the cultivation of medicinal and aromatic plants occupied an area of about 3.5 thousand ha. At present, there are registered more than 50 farmersproducing aromatic and medicinal plants, including lavender and sage, which are used on the local market, and also exported to foreign companies. Out of the total number of 26 producers of medicines in the Republic of Moldova, 17 companies produce phytopreparations, herbal products and medicinal plants. Out of 1156 medicines manufactured in the country, 238 (20.59%) represent phytopreparations, vegetable products and medicinal plants.

The project "HEGO - plants for economic growth" is funded by the European Union through the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014 - 2020. The initiative was launched in July 2020, being implemented by a consortium of 5 organizations from 4 countries: Development Association from Halkidiki, Greece (leader); Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises Sector (ODIMM), Moldova; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Georgia Farmers Association and Agribusiness and Rural Development Center, Armenia. The aim of the project is to modernize enterprises related to the cultivation and promotion of plants and value-added plant products, and to contribute to increasing cross-border trade opportunities for the enterprises from the Black Sea Basin contries.


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The exchange of Moldovan-Hungarian experience in the field of social entrepreneurship


The Republic of Moldova is the first country of the Danube region which will have a Support and Mentoring Programme for social enterprises. The new entrepreneurial support initiative has been presented today to the experts from Hungary, who are leading partners in the European transnational project Finance4SocialChange, of which ODIMM is also a part.

During the meeting, the representatives from Hungary were acquainted with the actions taken by ODIMM, in order to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova, and the success stories of the companies that undertake social activities.

Social entrepreneurship is a relatively new sector for the business community from Moldova, but with unexplored potential. The state support currently provided to the disabled people and other vulnerable groups focuses mainly on the provision of social and medical care and, to a less extent, on the development of independent living skills. ODIMM has assumed the commitment of promoting social entrepreneurship, and will provide all the necessary aassistance for launching and developing it", stated Iulia Costin, the General Director of ODIMM.

The new support tool has been developed by ODIMM together with the Ministry of Economy and development partners, aiming at supporting the growth of over 100 social enterprises, especially in rural areas, and the creation of at least 300 new jobs. The initiative has a well-defined social goal and a mission, which aims at generating a beneficial impact on people,  environment and community. Through this Program there will be created a more inclusive society, by applying business tools in solving social problems.

At the same time, with the support of the European project Finance4SocialChange, ODIMM will launch in October-December a National Campaign of promoting Social Entrepreneurship Initiative, through which there will be broadcast advertisements and success stories of the companies that are involved in social entrepreneurship. At the same time, there will be organised webinars and information sessions in order to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Moldova.

So far, 4 companies from the Republic of Moldova have been awarded the title of "social insertion enterprises" by the National Commission for Social Entrepreneurship. Other 46 companies are known as being periodically engaged in social activities.

According to statistics, the social economy in Europe covers over 14.5 million paid employees, which accounts for about 6.5% of the working age population, and about one out of four created businesses has the status of a social enterprise.


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ODIMM - 14 years in the development of the SME sector


The Organization for the Development of  Small and Medium Enterprise Sector, created on May 17, 2007 at the initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure to support the development of the SME sector, is the main institution for implementing national support programmes and the first point of reference for every entrepreneur from Moldova. The results achieved during its 14 years of activity and the impact of entrepreneurial support tools in the economy of the Republic of Moldova have been presented today at a press conference with the participation of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and the representatives of major international donor organizations, ODIMM partners.

Iulia Costin, the CEO, emphasized the fact that over the years, ODIMM has become an ambassador of the business environment, contributing to the development of the entrepreneurial eco-system in the Republic of Moldova. Thus, during 14 years of activity, over 150,000 people have benefited from ODIMM services, of which, at least 110,000 citizens have received business advice, 38,000 companies have been trained, 4,500 companies have received financing in the overall amount of over 665 million lei, which generated investments in the national economy of about 2 billion lei and created approximately 11,000 jobs.

“Throughout its activity, ODIMM has evolved by completing its portfolio with new products and services for the SME sector from the Republic of Moldova. With our help, companies manage to reduce operating costs, minimize business risks, add value to their brands, generate new sources of income and become competitive on the local market and various foreign markets. The organization currently manages 12 Business Support Programmes, most of which provide training, funding and mentoring. ODIMM is present in all regions of Moldova, from North to South, providing SMEs with 11 Business Incubators for assisting start-ups, 3 clusters for strengthening relationships between regional actors, and a network of consulting centers, in addition to the district councils. Multifunctional Industrial Platforms to support local producers are in the process of  being established too”.

According to Iulia Costin, the CEO, during 2021, ODIMM will launch, with the support of the Government and external development partners, 7 new business support programmes that will increase the competitiveness of SMEs, offer entrepreneurs in difficult situtions opportunities to relaunch their business (second chance), develop rural tourism, boost technology transfer between universities and private sector, and, the last but not least, encourage the establishment of social enterprises.

During the press conference, Mihail Lupașcu, the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure (MEI), has specified the active interconnection between the business environment, government policies related to SME sector and their successful implementation by ODIMM.

“During 14 years of activity, ODIMM has become the most important support institution for small and medium enterprises, providing consulting, support and training services to young people and women with business ideas, migrants who returned home, companies with growth and export potential, and other people interested in business. MEI and ODIMM will go on assisting entrepreneurs by the help of existing tools, will launch new support initiatives and continue to innovate in everything they do in order to meet the current needs of entrepreneurs”, said Mihail Lupașcu. At the same time, the MEI official stated the importance of EU support through the opportunities offered by the Association and Free Trade Agreement for the SME sector.

The outcomes achieved by ODIMM are due to the support received from the state and from the main international donor organizations.

The European Union is a trustworthy partner of ODIMM, which has contributed as through expertise and technical assistance so through financial aid for entrepreneurs in the regions, as well as through the development of business support infrastructure and digital transformation of companies. The support offered by the European Union for developing SME sector and strengthening ODIMM capacity amounts to over 17 million Euros over the years.

Boris Filipov, the Manager  of the Programme „Economic Development and Market Opportunities” within the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova, congratulated the team of ODIMM for their efforts to develop the SME sector in Moldova. 

“ODIMM has always been close to entrepreneurs, implementing relevant support programmes, offering grants and business solutions. The EU has been supporting the SME sector in Moldova for many years, as it believes in the potential of this sector to contribute significantly to the national socio-economic development and to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Association Agreement. At the moment there are about 30 local and bilateral EU programmes and projects that can benefit small and medium enterprises in Moldova.

At the same time, Boris Filipov assured that the European Union, in its post-2020 programme, will continue to support the SME sector, in which greening economy and digital transformation will be among the main priorities. Finally, he expressed his belief that ODIMM will make even more efforts in the future to help SMEs grow in order to be more resilient and better prepared for prospective challenges.

Thomas Foerch, the Manager of the Project "Advising the Government of the Republic of Moldova on Economic Policies", German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), specified the role of ODIMM in growing entrepreneurial culture, digital transformation and connecting Moldovan enterprises to regional and international value chains.

Dominika Stojanoska, the UN Women Moldova Country Representative, expressed appreciation for the partnership and fruitful cooperation with ODIMM in empowering women and promoting gender equality in the Republic of Moldova.

Tarik Sahovic, Senior Private Sector Specialist on behalf of the World Bank Group highlighted the importance of supporting and strengthening the institutional capacity of ODIMM in implementing the development strategy of  SME sector in the Republic of Moldova, elaborating the most important financial tool for SMEs - Credit Guarantee Fund for SMEs, managed by ODIMM, as well as the mechanism for SMEs internationalization.


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