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"Offshore Financial biaxin 500mg Advisers" tell Mr Smith that he can control, yet conceal, secret assets by means clarithromycin biaxin of trusts, holding companies, Foundations, and other expensive legal enitities requiring annual costs of £2000 or more to set up, and at least £1000 per annum for care and feeding. The disadvantage of such arrangements (necessary for active businesses, in our opinion, but a waste of money for mere asset management) is that not biaxin pill reporting such activities is illegal anyway. To make things worse, with offshore trusts or other vehicles: Someone else knows your business! Those persons are not necessarily: i) Discreet ii) Honest, nor iii) Cheap to feed. Your advisers (or new partners in crime) will say they "need" to be able to sign checks (to insulate you, they say) and control your funds. But all too often the adviser:
Makes bad business decisions, ii) Makes mistakes, iii) Is not available biaxin alcohol when you need him, iv) Steals, or at best, v) Gets into difficulties unrelated to you and to save his hide, gives you up. You can't sue anyone for telling your secrets without stirring up an even bigger can of worms!
The old alternative antibiotic biaxin was setting up a corporation, foundation or trust. You create a separate "legal entity". Perhaps it is "offshore", which just means not in your native country. The corporate treasurer (not you) signs checks; you are supposed to control things behind the scenes. It works, sometimes. But what if you create another person with another nationality, and a full set of identification? Will this serve the same purpose more cheaply biaxin 500 and effectively? Can this be done legally? For the person with "passive" investments, the answer is "Yes!" So let us now return to Mr Smith.
Assume that a foreign country, The what is biaxin Grand Duchy of Freedomia will accept any (rich) person as a citizen and issue them a passport. Assume further that Freedomia (like most English-speaking countries) permits its citizens to use any name they like on their passports. Presto! Shazam! You have created something like a corporation or holding company or foundation, but the difference is that you have complete control. The new person you have created is the only completely reliable and trustworthy person in the whole world. Why? Because it is YOU, yourself!
Thus Mr "PT" Smith, instead of telling his lawyer "set me up with an offshore holding company", now says "set me up with a new passport99 from a truly free country, or if none is available, then at least biaxin 500mg a country that does not care about its offshore citizens. That way, I won't have to serve in any army to kill people. I won't spend half of my time filling biaxin side effects out silly forms, about whom I went to lunch with and why. I won't pay any more income taxes or inheritance [ taxes, etc, nor allow myself to be treated like a 'resource', always exploited to pay for things I don't even believe in. Give me a new name and a new passport!" For a fee, that is exactly what many lawyers can do, If Mr Smith read the The Passport Report he biaxin dosage might do it himself, for free! Either way, Mr Smith, now, whenever he leaves Arrestia stops at his safe deposit box, just across the border. He deposits his A passport. Then, like Superman, he switches passports, thus changing identity to (for instance) "Sherlock Homes Acourt, Earl of Freedomia". The noble title is of course an optional extra, and for low biaxin antibiotics profile purposes is definitely not recommended!

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