Organizaţia pentru Dezvoltarea Sectorului IMM.

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Ai nevoie de finanțare?

Programul este destinat lucrătorilor
migranţi şi/sau rudelor de gradul întâi
ai acestora care doresc să investească
în lansarea sau/şi dezvoltarea unei
afaceri proprii.

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Femeie antreprenoare? 


Programul este destinat femeilor care 
planifică să-și inițieze sau extindă afacerile, 
în special în zonele rurale și va acorda
suportul pentru femeile antreprenoare!


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Ai o idee de afacere?

Programul Național de Abilitare Economică
a Tinerilor este pentru tine! 

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Ai nevoie de instruire?

Programul ,,Gestiunea Eficientă a Afacerii" 
este pentru tine!

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PNAET is a Program for young people of 18-30 years old willing to develop their entrepreneurial skills to launch or expand a business in rural areas in the field of agriculture or manufacturing thus creating new jobs.

Term of the Program: 2008-2013

The Program consists of three implementation components:

"Component I: Entrepreneurial Training and Consultancy" (implementer - Organization for Small and Medium Enterprise Sector Development (ODIMM):

a) Business registration and field legislation

b) Business planning

c) Financial management

d) Accounting

e) Human resources management

f) Marketing and sales


"Component II: Obtaining credits up to 300,000 lei" (repayment period up to 5 years) with a non-refundable grant portion (40%). The implementer of this component is Credit Line Directorate (DTL) 23-82-46, 23-82-47, 23-29-63. Only legal persons are entitled for credits.


"Component III: Post-financing monitoring" (DLC).

Info Line: 22 57 99, 22 53 84, permanently active. Contact person: Ana Sochircă

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Young people willing to take part in Program Component I (training and consulting) can send the application form for the training courses, enclosing a copy of the ID, by mail to the address – of. 313, nr. 48, S.Lazo str., Chisinau, e-mail: ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or may come personally to ODIMM office (of. 311, nr. 48, S.Lazo str., Chisinau). The application form can be accessed on the website


Within PNAET Component II ("Financing rural investment projects through repayable commercial loans, with grant portion") priority is given to beneficiaries whose projects will develop production activities in rural areas and will contribute to increase exports and / or substitute imports.

In order to be accepted for financing within the Program there will accepted expenditures of beneficiaries possessing property incurred for the purchase of equipment/machinery aiming at the development of production areas and agriculture, including 20% net current assets.


Interested persons can contact one of the commercial banks, participating as intermediaries for Program funds, to examine credit application including the evaluation of the project to be credited by the bank. The banks will present to potential beneficiaries the list of required documents in order to take a credit decision

according to its working procedures, taking into account the specific of the Program with a grant component.


Fields of activity:


1. Agriculture.

2. Food industry. Production, processing and preserving of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils and fats. Manufacture of products of flour-mill industry, prepared animal feeds. Production of beverages, other products.

3. Processing industry.

4. Processing and packaging of agricultural production, warehousing and storage of agricultural products.

5. Production of machinery, equipment, electrical and electronic appliances.

6. Animal raising, poultry breeding, other specialization in other categories.

7. Production of construction materials etc.

8. Equipment to perform construction work.

9. Mining.

10. Wood and wood products industry.

11. Textile and clothing industry.

12. Manufacture of leather and leather products.

13. Manufacture of paper and paperboard.

14. Manufacture of rubber and plastic products.

15. Metal processing.

16. Printing products.

17. Refrigerators and coolers for products storage.

18. Other production activities.


Guaranteeing PNAET credits through FGC ODIMM:

a) the guarantee represents up to 50% of the amount of credit;

b) the amount of guarantee - up to 150.000 lei;

c) guarantee period - up to 5 years;

d) commission - 1.5% per year from the amount of guarantee.


Participation in the PROGRAM as grant beneficiary can be permitted only once.




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